The BSCP Virtual Connect Event took place on Saturday, April, 9, 2022. Over 500 participants from community college to postdoctoral level joined us from 252 institutions and 39 states plus Puerto Rico and 8 countries. Over 165 advisors from across the US volunteered their time to provide education and career advice, and serve as a source of information and inspiration for the student/fellow attendees. 36 of these advisors were former BSCP students!

Keynote Speaker –  Watch Address Here
Dennis A. Dean, II, PhD
Principal Investigator
Seven Bridges
Member of the BSCP Board of Directors
Former BSCP Participant

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– Participants received individualized academic and career advice from professionals their field of interest

– There were networking opportunities both in small-group sessions and on the online platform

– A curated compilation of academic and career resources and opportunities were provided

Audience: Postdocs (research and clinical); medical, dental and graduate students; post-baccalaureates; and college and community college students (particularly Black/African-American, Hispanic/LatinX or American Indian/Alaska Native students/fellows).

The primary objective of this event was to provide Black/African-American, Hispanic/LatinX and American Indian/Alaska Native students/fellows with an opportunity to network with advisors/role models from the basic and clinical sciences, medicine, public health, academia and the biopharmaceutical industry. Student/fellow participants are seriously interested in or currently studying in medicine, biomedical science or other science-related fields, such as chemistry, physics, biology, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, engineering, biotechnology, physical therapy, public health, allied health or environmental science.

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