We are very excited to announce that our industry partner, Takeda is offering multiple paid internships exclusively for BSCP students!

The summer internship program is a full-time commitment of 12 weeks in length and offers a unique perspective into a world-class pharmaceutical company. The internship program also provides you the opportunity to network with people at Takeda through various planned events and activities. As part of your internship engagement, you will be expected to contribute meaningfully towards on-going initiatives and projects. For details such as requirements, qualifications and position descriptions please click HERE.


  1. Review and update your Resume. Need help? Click HERE for resume writing tips.
  2. Make sure to include participation in the Biomedical Science Careers Program (BSCP) and/or NESS on your resume and LinkedIn profile (if applicable).
  3. Send your resume and a cover letter for the interested position (please include req # of the position) directly to Pinar Kilicci-kret 

Please note, it is okay to apply more than one position as long as you make a cover letter for each position.

Takeda will accept applications until positions are filled; I strongly suggest you apply at your earliest convenience.

If you have specific questions about the positions, I can connect you with representative at Takeda, please email Pinar Kilicci-kret