Hiring Organization: NYU Langone Medical Center

403 E34th Street
New York, NY 10016

Job Responsibilities:

Collects patient information for the research project(s). Which may include abstraction of data from the patient chart (e.g., laboratory or diagnostic test results, surgical/radiation treatments delivered, adverse drug reactions, etc.); abstraction of data for publications, or data collection from outside physicians offices. Uses tools to facilitate data collection (e.g. calendars, schedules, tracking logs, etc.). Audits and updates the database or the case report forms, obtains and documents information within the time frame specified., Collects, compiles, and conducts preliminary analyses of data, and other materials for reports.
Gathers and compiles data and assists in consolidating/analyzing data for presentation to sponsoring and regulatory agencies. Provides reports to all necessary parties (e.g., the principal investigator, sponsoring agency, etc.) on the progress of the study as needed. Conduct primary analysis to data collected. Formulates prepares database and generates preliminary measurement reports for review by the Principal Investigator.
4. If applicable, updates and submits necessary documents to obtain approval to conduct human subjects research. Secures accurate signatures and forwards documents and/or forms to appropriate destination. Might prepare and submit monthly enrollment statistics to the Office of Clinical Trials and provide other information in a timely manner, as necessary.
Responsible for implementation of biobanking protocols.
5. Screens potential patients/subjects for eligibility to the study and schedules the initial visits. This may include researching and gathering information from the medical record, physician referral, advertisement and directly scheduling a visit to evaluate the patient/subject. Reviews all the elements of the screening process with the Principal Investigator that include but not limited to inclusion/exclusion criteria, completed informed consent, documentation of the event and the patient/subject willingness to participate in the study.
6. Aware of study regulatory status and keeps an up to date copy of regulatory documents. Assists with the informed consent process and ensure that the patient/subject fully understands what is required of them throughout the study. Follows through regularly with the patient/subjects and reminds them of visits and compliance.
Assist in coordination of weekly staff schedules and supervise study research staff.>>Assist in coordination of weekly staff schedules and supervise study research staff.

Minimum Qualifications:
To qualify you must have a Minimum Qualifications:

1. Bachelors degree or equivalent in a related discipline or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

2. Effective oral, written, communication, interpersonal skills.

3. Must be able to work and make decisions independently.

4. Ability to operate research related equipment.

5. Proficiency in using various Microsoft Office applications such as World, Excel, Access, Power Point and Outlook. Familiar with Internet applications.

6. Ability to identify, analyze and solve problems.

7. Ability to multi task and project manage.

8. Time management skills and ability to work well under pressure.

Preferred Qualifications:
Preferred Qualifications/Work Experience

1. Masters of Public Health or equivalent degree.

2. Knowledge of basic medical terminology is preferred

3. Prior experience working with Research Protocols, recruitment and follow-up of research participants, and data collection

4. Knowledge/experience with statistical analysis and statistical softwares (SPSS, STATA) preferred

5. Familiarity with reference management software such as EndNote

6. Phlebotomy skills.

7. Bilingual English/Spanish or English/Chinese (Mandarin) a plus.

Qualified candidates must be able to effectively communicate with all levels of the organization.

Contact: Joseph Gilbert
P: (646) 599-3371
Type of Opportunity: Permanent Job

URL: http://jobs.nyulangone.org/job/6928780/associate-research-coordinator-new-york-ny/