Hiring Organization: AstraZeneca


We will be posting 50 new postdoctoral positions in the month of March. The positions can be found here: https://careers.astrazeneca.com/students/programmes/post-doctoral-programmes

At AstraZeneca, we are passionate about pushing the boundaries of science to create medicines for some of the world’s greatest healthcare challenges. As part of our commitment to be a scientific leader, AstraZeneca created a Postdoctoral Research Program in 2011 to facilitate in-house scientific discovery. AstraZeneca’s Postdocs present their data at key scientific conferences and publish their data in leading journals. The program has increased interactions with the academic community as each Postdoc has an academic mentor.

Contact: AstraZeneca
Type of Opportunity: Temporary Job

URL: https://careers.astrazeneca.com/students/programmes/post-doctoral-programmes