Department: B Cell Therapeutics

Be Biopharma is looking to hire cell and gene therapy experienced laboratory scientists at various levels! We are looking for highly motivated, experienced, and innovative thinkers to join our growing team of passionate researchers to leverage B cells as a novel class of cellular medicine. This is an exciting opportunity to be part of a foundational team and help build Be Bio!

Job Responsibilities

  • Perform cellular biology workflows on primary cells (cell culture including isolation, maintenance and differentiation of primary B cells, flow cytometry, protein quantification, and other molecular biology techniques)
  • Engineer therapeutic B cell products including site-specific genome editing in primary B cells (designing & using appropriate genome editing techniques including cell electroporation and viral vector design)
  • Supervise and participate in the design, construction and testing of functional therapeutic proteins for engineered cells in cell assays and in preclinical models, including reagent design and procurement
  • Troubleshoot and innovate around proprietary protocols
  • Provide assistance in establishment and utilization of pre-clinical models
  • The position involves hands-on experimental cellular and molecular immunology and will require the applicant to draw on diverse knowledge and experience to design and execute experiments in the laboratory.
  • And other duties as assigned

Minimum Experience, Education, and Specialized Knowledge and Skills:

Must thrive in a fast-paced, growing, and innovative environment where flexibility, resourcefulness, resiliency, and communication skills are key. Excellent interpersonal skills, ability to develop important relationships with your stakeholders, and being an all around good company citizen are essential!

  • D. degree in Immunology, Cell Biology, Biological Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, or closely related field with a track record of substantial research accomplishments
  • 1-4 years relevant experience in biopharmaceutical or biotechnology industry with a role in cellular engineering (title commensurate with experience)
  • Demonstrated record of scientific achievement (strong publication and/or patent record)
  • Proven ability to establish and troubleshoot molecular biology techniques
  • Experience with ex vivo cellular engineering is strongly preferred
  • A deep understanding of conventional immunological techniques with extensive experience with primary cell culture (including primary B cells) and cell-based assays
  • Ability to work efficiently both independently and in a team environment
  • Scientific creativity, critical thinking, ability to innovate, and analytical problem solving
  • Experience in project management and excellent communication skills

About us

Be Biopharma is developing a proprietary class of engineered B cell medicines to unleash the power of cell therapies beyond cell-cell contact-dependent killing (e.g., CAR-T cells). As the centerpiece of the body’s non-contact dependent humoral immune system, B cells offer a platform for cell therapy that can secrete large amounts of diverse molecular cargo in a physiologically-regulated manner. Based on discoveries by David Rawlings, MD (Chief of Immunology, Seattle Children’s and U Washington) and Richard James, PhD (Assoc Prof of Pediatrics, Seattle Children’s and U Washington), Be Biopharma is developing a pipeline of engineered B cell medicines that can restore lost signaling, regulate disease-causing pathways, and promote defense. The company will aim to demonstrate rapid proof-of-concept in genetically-defined monogenic disease, in parallel expanding to a broader set of applications across immune disease and oncology. Be Biopharma was founded in 2020 and is supported by a syndicate of leading biotech investors.

Be Biopharma, Inc.

Here at Be Bio we are on an important journey to unleash the power of cell therapies beyond cell-cell contact-dependent killing (e.g., CAR-T cells); we are developing a proprietary class of engineered B cell medicines. Our goal is to harness B cells’ rich biology and intrinsic drug-like properties by precisely engineering them to forge a new category of cell therapy. We are committed to diversity of ideas, interests, and backgrounds and this is reflected in our leadership team and our growing “family” of inspired individuals who are committed to supporting each other, as well as people around the world who will one day benefit from our therapies. We offer Medical, dental, vision, 401K, and paid time-off to all Be Bio employees! 

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