This internship position is for an aspiring clinician and/or researcher passionate about reproductive and sexual health. The position will be catered to the individual based on mutual goals set at the start of the training program but will center on the activities listed below. At the start of the program, the trainee will generate an action plan for the year and establish a mentor-mentee compact to establish shared vision of success, communication style preferences, project commitments and priorities, as well as desired feedback and troubleshooting techniques. The commitment is one to two sessions/per week starting September 1. Each session is reimbursed $40. This program prioritizes complementing existing school or work obligations, aiming to support and mentor the individual who has excellent organizational skills, strong self-initiative, and identifies as being underrepresented in medicine.
BSCP alumni are encouraged to apply.

An example of expected activities/opportunities:

* join ongoing research projects related to reproductive coercion and a variety of contraception and abortion care

* self-initiate or contribute to journal commentaries, case reports, professional organization writing assignments

* contribute to national conference sessions and/or abstracts

* be a peer-reviewer for a journal article together

* meet an array of other ob/gyn subspecialists to discover the multitude of future professional pathways

* participate in state and national advocacy efforts

* pursue shadowing opportunities in a complex contraception outpatient clinic

Any Academic Level can apply.
The Internship could be a combination of in-person, remote or hybrid – some on-site work would be most beneficial to the student is recommended.

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