In April 2020, Merck announced plans to consolidate our New Jersey campuses into a single New Jersey headquarters location in Rahway, NJ by 2023. Therefore, this role will be temporarily based in a different NJ location and exact timing of the departmental move to Rahway, NJ will be communicated at a future date.
Job Description

Our Company Future Talent Program features internships that last 10-12 weeks and may include one or more projects. For you: these positions in our Company’s Research Labs will provide you with a great development opportunity and a chance to see if we are the right company for your long-term goals. For us: we get to meet the best and brightest individuals who represent the future of scientific endeavor in the US.

We are seeking candidates with a passion for scientific research, excellent academic performance, communication skills, teamwork, and the ability to work in a multi-functional environment. A strong science background in applied laboratory settings, computer science or cheminformatics is essential. Applicants with previous research experience in the listed areas are highly preferred. You will be provided with laptops/lab equipment etc. as necessary to perform the role. This is a paid internship targeted to start in June 2023 and run for 10-12 weeks. Scientific publication could be the result of the research undertaken during the internship.

The department of Computational & Structural Chemistry is offering internships in the following disciplines:

Modeling & Informatics (M&I) (Boston, MA; Kenilworth, NJ; Rahway, NJ; West Point, PA; South San Francisco, CA)

The candidate will participate in molecular modeling and cheminformatics research, either in an independent project or as part of a drug discovery team. Prior experience with molecular modeling approaches such as docking, molecular dynamics, protein design, quantum chemical calculations, and machine learning will be beneficial. The candidate will learn how to employ data, models, and methods to drive hypothesis-driven drug discovery and will be exposed to many areas of research relevant to the drug discovery and development process.

Structural Chemistry (SC) (Boston, MA; Kenilworth, NJ; West Point, PA; South San Francisco, CA)

The Structural Chemistry groups use X-ray crystallography and Cryo-electron microscopy to determine structures of drug/target complexes, biologics, and other relevant biological macromolecules to enable structure-based drug discovery. The successful candidate will work to support drug discovery with structural information using some or all of the following methods: protein production in prokaryotic and/or eukaryotic expression systems, preparative protein purification, labeling, characterization using SDS-PAGE, spectroscopic and chromatographic methods, biochemical and biophysical assays, and crystallization screening and/or sample preparation for Cryo-EM, and structure determination/analysis.

Structural Protein Sciences (SPS) (West Point, PA only)

The Structural Protein Sciences group enables crystallography and cryo-EM structural studies by providing high quality, well characterized recombinant proteins throughout our Company. The SPS group also develops methods for directed evolution of recombinant proteins with increased stability as well methods for membrane protein stabilization. The successful candidate will be involved in cloning, expression, purification and biophysical characterization of recombinant proteins to support various drug discovery activities. Some molecular biology or protein chemistry lab experience is required for this position.

Mass Spectrometry and Biophysics (MSB) (Kenilworth, NJ only)

The Mass Spectrometry and Biophysics (MSB) group studies the interaction of ligands with therapeutic targets to explore the associated effects on structure and function. We employ a range of skills and techniques in this pursuit, including protein biochemistry (cloning, expression, purification, characterization), biophysics (surface plasmon resonance, thermal shift, isothermal titration calorimetry, spectroscopy), mass spectrometry and biomolecular NMR. The successful candidate will ideally have background knowledge or prior experience with one or more of these techniques and will have the opportunity to learn how to apply their expertise, along with a suite of complementary capabilities, to problem solve in support of our small and large molecule pipeline.

Interns will be responsible for accurate electronic notebook recording, safe laboratory practices, and presentation of data and their interpretation to a team of scientists. The intern will also attend departmental and team meetings to gain a wider perspective of the drug discovery & development process in the pharmaceutical industry.

Locations: Boston, MA; Kenilworth, NJ; Rahway, NJ; West Point, PA; South San Francisco, CA

Our intent is to provide an in-person experience where possible to afford the opportunity for our future talent to truly experience working in a pharmaceutical company. However, these details will be finalized closer to the time and will depend on the status of global events and their effect on travel options.

**Please note when applying for this position, if the applicant is selected for an interview, they must be prepared to submit letters of recommendation, a brief research statement, and a copy of their transcript. Applicant must select location when applying for this position in those cases where multiple locations are listed **

Required Education, Experience and Skills:

Candidates must be pursuing BS/BA or Master’s/Ph.D. degree in related field with demonstrated interest/experience in research areas relevant to the drug discovery process
Candidates must have strong academic background in chemistry, biochemistry, biophysics, informatics, computer science, or applied mathematics Modeling & Informatics (M&I)
Candidates must have basic laboratory skills (including safe lab practices) and strong academic background in one or more of the following fields: protein biochemistry (expression, purification & characterization), structural biology, molecular biology, biophysics, biomolecular NMR or mass spectrometry (SC, SPS and MSB)
Candidates must have completed at least two years of studies toward BS/BA degree or at least 1 year towards Master’s/PhD at time of internship (Summer 2023)
Candidates must be currently enrolled in an academic program at the time of the application and be continuing education for at least 1 semester once internship completes (Fall 2023)
Candidates must be available for full-time employment
Candidates must be available to work full-time for 12 weeks beginning on 5JUN23 through 25AUG23

Preferred Experience and Skills:

Candidates should have significant interest in applying modeling/informatics methods towards drug discovery research (M&I)
Candidates should have Programming skills (M&I)
Candidates should have significant interest in protein structure/function (SC and SPS)
Candidates should have experience with preparation of challenging biological macromolecules such as membrane proteins (SC and SPS)
Candidates should have significant interest in applying biomolecular NMR or mass spectrometry towards drug discovery research. Hands-on experience in either of these methodologies will be advantageous (MSB)
Candidates should have GPA of 3.0 or higher
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