Health Resources in Action has recently launched the Odyssey Awards Program supported by the Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation. We encourage you to disseminate this opportunity to eligible junior faculty at your institution.


  • Basic biomedical researchers
  • Based at a research institution in Massachusetts or at Brown University or Yale University
  • 4-9 years from appointment to Assistant Professor and have not yet received tenure
  • Receive less than $750,000 per year in external funding

Purpose: To fuel creativity and drive new directions in biomedical research. Applicants must propose lines of research that are distinct from current research directions. The preliminary proposal format is intended to give applicants the freedom to dream big and to be creative and ambitious.

Award amount: $300,000 over two years

Preliminary proposal deadline: Tuesday, January 4th at 12:00 PM ET

Contact if you have any questions about this program. We hope your institution will take advantage of this funding opportunity.