4816202 Postdoctoral Fellow, Structural Biology & Biophysics

We are seeking an enthusiastic and driven postdoctoral fellow to join the Structural and Molecular Sciences (SMS) Department at the Pfizer campus in Groton, Connecticut. This fellowship offers the unique opportunity to learn about the drug and vaccine development process in the laboratories of an innovative industry leader.

The successful candidate will receive state-of-the-art training in protein structural biology and biochemistry with access to unparalleled resources supporting prokaryotic and eukaryotic protein expression, purification, and structure determination by both X-ray crystallography and cryo-EM. At SMS, we have regular access to all the major synchrotron beam lines in the world and dedicated in-house cryo-EM facilities. Ideal candidates will have extensive experience in molecular biology, protein expression, protein purification, and structure determination.



  • Purification and assembly of challenging protein-protein, protein-RNA and protein-small molecule complexes
  • Iterative design and cloning to generate protein expression constructs
  • Protein crystallization, data collection, and structure determination
  • Cryo-EM sample preparation, data collection, and structure determination
  • Structural analysis to generate and test hypotheses
  • Functional characterization of protein complexes by biophysical and biochemical methods
  • Collaboration across departments
  • Critical reading of the relevant literature
  • Manuscript preparation and presentation of results in oral and poster formats



  • PhD in Structural Biology or Biochemistry with experience in the gene-to-structure pipeline
  • Construct design and molecular biology skills
  • Extensive experience in protein expression and purification
  • Experience with structure determination by X-ray crystallography and cryo-EM
  • Strong track record of publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills



  • Experience in biophysical and biochemical assay development