Hiring Organization: Partners Personalized Medicine

65 Landsdowne Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

Partners HealthCare Personalized Medicine is seeking a motivated individual to work with the Information Technology team. To apply, please search for job #3055558 on the PHS career page.

Partners Personalized Medicine (PPM) leverages advances in genetics and other areas of medicine to help realize the promise of personalized medicine and improve the care of patients. Construction of IT systems to support clinical and research use of genetic data are a critical part of this mission. The systems we build and maintain are used extensively within Partners HealthCare. To continue to support the advancement of personalized medicine it is imperative to collaborate with clinicians and bring innovative solutions to the point of care and to laboratory and other processes.

Clinicians in different areas across our healthcare environment identify ways in which care delivery in their areas could be improved with process changes requiring new IT support. The required functionality often involves bringing together disparate data and applying improved analytics. Effectively, they are in need of “apps” to assist decision making processes. It is often expensive to build, clinically validate and deploy this type of functionality in healthcare. Our Health Innovation Platform (HIP) team is creating information technology (IT) infrastructure and applications focused on fundamentally accelerating the rate of clinical innovation in healthcare. HIP will empower clinicians and investigators by facilitating the creation and deployment of apps that improve processes, strengthen communication and bring the power of genetics and analytics to bear to improve the care of patients suffering from life threatening and debilitating diseases. The potential to introduce positive change for many different kinds of patients is extremely significant.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

Rapid prototyping, data visualization
Application development
Evaluate and select 3rd party UI libraries and tools
Collaborate with experience designers
Gather requirements and prepare technical specifications.
Conduct system and workflow analysis and design
Implement the user experience designs, and integrate the design with the full technology stack
Contribute to best practices and continuous learning across team
Contribute to design and implementation of overall system architecture
Assist in maintenance and ongoing support of developed systems
Use the Partners HealthCare values to govern decisions, actions and behaviors. These values guide how we get our work done: Patients, Affordability, Accountability & Service Commitment, Decisiveness, Innovation & Thoughtful Risk; and how we treat each other: Diversity & Inclusion, Integrity & Respect, Learning, Continuous Improvement & Personal Growth, Teamwork & Collaboration.
Other duties as assigned.

Contact: Michael Oates
P: (617) 768-8546
Type of Opportunity: Permanent Job

URL: http://personalizedmedicine.partners.org/about/careers.aspx