The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Maryland, College Park provides a nationally recognized education that meshes applied learning, community engagement, professional mentorship, real-world opportunities, and supportive and diverse learning culture to ready students for sustainable and socially-minded practice. Summer Opportunities in Agricultural Research and the Environment (SOARE) is a gateway to graduate education, providing underrepresented undergraduate students with on-campus research experience to establish important relationships with faculty in their respective fields of study and to conduct graduate-level research.

This fall we are holding several summer research internship information sessions. We offer two summer internship programs in agriculture education, extension education, plant biology, animal and avian science, veterinary medicine, entomology, agricultural business, agricultural economics, nutritional science, food science, environmental science, earth science, geography, soil science, natural resources management, landscape architecture, and Marine Estuarine Environmental Sciences. We are seeking twenty students to fill 2022 summer positions paying $4,500 -$6,000. SOARE will help you

  • Increase the knowledge of, and interest in, doctoral-level training in the agricultural, environmental, food and nutritional sciences
  • Build professional and personal networks to support students interested in joining the academic community
  • Create a diverse academic environment by increasing the number of traditionally underrepresented students in AGNR graduate programs and ultimately the professoriate.

SOARE Benefits:

  • Research training
  • Career panels & shuttles
  • Team research
  • Scientific research poster
  • Post-program mentoring
  • Travel award to a national conference
  • Paid 2nd-year internship (for eligible participants)
  • UMD Graduate School application fee waivers
  • and more…

Students at two-year and four-year institutions are eligible.

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UMD Graduate Programs

We offer 19 different masters degrees designed to prepare students for careers in

 Agricultural and Resource Economics Animal and Avian Science Entomology

Environmental Science and Technology

 Marine Estuarine Environmental Sciences

 Nutrition and Food Science

 Plant Science and Landscape Architecture

 Veterinary Medicine Graduate Program

The GRE is NOT REQUIRED for admission into most of our programs including, masters and doctoral programs in Animal and Avian Sciences, Extension Education, Comparative Biomedical Sciences (formerly Veterinary Medicine), Landscape Architecture, Nutrition and Food Science, Plant Science, Historic Preservation and Landscape Architecture (Dual Master’s), and Landscape Architecture and Community Planning (Dual Master’s). Our programs are open to all students from STEAM (science, technology, engineering, agriculture, and mathematics) and education academic disciplines.

If you are interested in a personalized session to discuss graduate education or SOARE/SOARE SWAG at UMD, email to schedule a one-on-one session.

Some things to think about…

  • There is no GRE requirement for 8 of our 11 programs
  • All of our admitted students are funded either with graduate assistantships or fellowships. This means you can cut the cost of an master’s or doctoral degree.

UMD offers departmental and campus-wide graduate assistantships and fellowships that enable students to reduce the cost of tuition for master’s and doctoral programs. The cost is determined by the program in which you are enrolled, the number of credits you take per semester. You can pay for your graduate education with a graduate assistantship or a graduate fellowship. Both forms of financial support provide an annual stipend and tuition waiver.

Graduate Assistantships (teaching/ research or administrative work within your program is required)

  • Full-time assistantship: 20 hours per week assistantship: The University pays for 10 credit hours per semester
  • Half-time assistantship:10 hours per week assistantship: The University pays for 5 credit hours per semester

Graduate Fellowships (work/teaching/ research is not required)

  • Full fellowship: The University waives tuition for 10 graduate credit hours per semester and provides a stipend
  • Partial: The University waives tuition for 5 credit hours per semester and provides a stipend

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