Vertex is seeking candidates for the 6th class of the Vertex Fellows program.   

Our goal in creating the Vertex Fellowship is to attract some of the most talented scientists and physicians to join Vertex for one year of immersive learning about the science of discovering and developing medicines.  Vertex Fellows get to work as part of a project team to create transformative medicines for patients with serious diseases, learn about the variety of functions that contribute to getting these medicines to patients, and receive mentorship from senior leaders.      

This is a highly competitive program, and our 35 Fellows to date have been fantastic. Each Fellow is assigned both a project mentor and a career mentor, and is embedded within an existing project team based on his or her interests and experience, and our needs.  In addition, Fellows receive a week of intensive didactic training on the science of drug discovery and the business of creating medicines, as well as ongoing group training throughout the year.  The program is intentionally short (one year) so it augments rather than replaces a traditional postdoc or medical training.   Fellows are placed at one of our Research sites starting in September 2021.  We provide career advice and mentorship to help the Fellows as they consider their next step, potentially including open positions at Vertex, toward the end of the program.     

Vertex Fellows Program Flyer

Applications are due by January 15, 2021.  More information and a link to apply can be found HERE