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Virtual BSCP Student Conference – Friday, April 9 and Saturday, April 10, 2021

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Internships and Summer Opportunities – November 19 | Watch | Supplemental Material

Resume and Cover Letter –  November 12 | Watch | Supplemental Materials

Interviewing Skills – November 5 | Watch | Supplemental Materials

Finances and Your Education – October 29 | Watch | Supplemental Materials

Community College Pathways – October 22 | Watch | Supplemental Materials

Session for Parents/Caregivers – October 14 | Watch | Supplemental Materials

Getting into College – Part 2: Essay and Personal Statement- October 8 | Supplemental Materials

Getting into College – Part 1: How to Choose a College and Application Process – October 1, 2020 | Watch | Supplemental Materials

Virtual Evening of Hope to benefit the Biomedical Science Careers Program | Watch

Getting into Graduate School and Succeeding for Public Health Disciplines – June 30, 2020 | Watch

Getting into Health Professional School and Succeeding – June 17, 2020 | Watch

Getting into Graduate School and Succeeding for Basic Science Disciplines – May 19, 2020 | Watch

Tour for Diversity in Medicine – April 20-23, 2020  | Watch

Webinars from HMS – Office for Diversity Inclusion and Community Partnership

Voting, Health Policy, and Social Justice: Political Determinants of Health – Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Harvard Affiliated Pediatrics Residency Programs – July 7, 2020 | Watch

VCP: Harvard Affiliated Surgical Subpecialties Residency Programs – June 11, 2020 | Watch

The Impact of COVID-19 on Kids – May 27, 2020 | Watch

Career Landscape for Postdocs During These Unprecedented Times – May 20, 2020 | Watch

VCP: Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency Programs – May 12, 2020 | Watch

VCP: Applying Residency in the COVID19 Era – April 30, 2020 | Watch

Webinar Resources from Other Institutions

Short-Term Research Experience for Underrepresented Persons (STEP-UP)

Brown University Information sessions for Molecular Pharmacology & Physiology graduate program

The 2020 UNCF Massachusetts Life Sciences Virtual Summit

FREE Virtual HSF College Camp for Students and Parents

Mount Sinai Virtual Biomedical Research Symposium

Brown University Graduate Programs Diversity Preview Day

OSU College of Medicine 2020 Autumn Postdoctoral Recruitment Event

Persistence is in Our DNA: How to Stay Motivated as a Community College Student During COVID-19

Ask an Advisor Series

Pipelines into Quantitative Aging Research Summer Program

Tips and Advice for Students without Summer Opportunities

What is the difference between a CV, Resume, and Biosketch

Tips for Virtual Communication

Things to Consider and Tips as you Prepare to Apply to College in the COVID Era

Meet the Challenge: Continue to Pursue Opportunities to Advance Your Career

Resources for Students/Fellows, including those from 2020 BSCP Student Conference

Planning to apply to MD-PhD or DO-PhD programs?

Medical School Resources

Scholarships Fellowships Financial Aid for Graduates

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AAMC Coronavirus Resource Hub

AACOM Coronavirus Resource Center

ADEA COVID-19 Response

PAEA COVID-19 Information Center

AAVMC COVID-19 Student and Application Information

Updates Regarding AACP and COVID-19

APTA Coronavirus-19 Updates

AOTA OT in the Era of Coronavirus