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Director: Alvin F. Poussaint

Contact: Rosa J. Soler
P: (617) 432-1572
F: (617) 432-3912

Poussaint Pre-matriculation Summer Program (PPSP)

Year Program Started: 1969

Max. Participants/Year: up to 12

Application Deadline: mid April

Program Timeframe: mid-June to third week of July (4 weeks)

Academic Level Targeted: medical school

Racial/Ethnic Focus: African American, Native American, Latino

Type of Program: research

Program Attributes: transportation provided, stipend provided, mentors/advisors provided, personal and academic counseling provided, housing available, health care insurance over the summer

Program Acceptance Requirements: under-represented status

Primary Science Discipline(s) Targeted: Oncology

Additional Comments: Participants must be admitted/incoming first-year students at Harvard Medical School or Harvard School of Dental Medicine.