The Generational Health Scholarship RFP is live–due March 3, 2023! Please share with your networks.

I am so pleased to share this RFP, where the BPHC’s Office of Racial Equity and Community Engagement is seeking to partner with up to three universities, colleges, community-based organizations, and/or non-profits that have the desire and capacity to administer a novel, need-based scholarship program, the “Generational Health Scholarship,” for Boston-area first-year college students of color studying for careers in STEM, the Health Sciences and Public Health, and Behavioral Health.

The Generational Health Scholarship, funded through the Declaration of Racism as a Public Health Crisis, aims to buffer financial and related barriers that impact Black, Latine, and/or Native American student’s ability to enter, matriculate, and graduate from a Boston-based four-year degree program.

The Generational Health Scholarship will serve as dedicated support for Boston-area students looking to enter critical roles such as public health practitioner, medical doctor, engineer, health administrator, psychiatrist, dentist, counselor, physical therapist, information technology manager, nurse, data scientist, software developer, social worker, health education specialist, and more to address critical workforce shortages, increase representation in key industries, create generational wealth, improve access to health services, and to build a more equitable and inclusive Boston.

See details here: #structuralracism #publichealth #racialjustice #racialequity #stem #bipoc #highered #highereducation