About the course:

The “Planning Your Scientific Journey” course is built for life science grad students, postdocs, and other junior scientists. It aims to teach how trainees can choose a good scientific problem as well as planning their journey ahead. It is a free online course that is funded by NIGMS.

By the end of the course, students will have:

A plan for how to approach their scientific question and other research goals.

An agenda for a meeting with their mentor to get feedback on your plan.

We’re searching for beta testers to start the course on June 5. Beta testers will:

Provide input on an innovative teaching course

Make an impact on scientist training while learning new skills themselves

Access the program exclusively before it’s available later this year

Grad students and postdocs are encouraged to apply; advanced undergrads, faculty as well as career and professional development practitioners are invited to become beta testers, too!
More course information: http://bit.ly/PlanScientificJourney