Lahey Clinic Nurse Re-Entry Program

Lahey Clinic
41 Mall Road
Burlington, MA 01805

P: (781) 744-8247
F: (781) 744-2602

Director: Debralee Quinn

Contact: Debralee Quinn
P: (781) 744-8247
F: (781) 744-2602

Lahey Clinic Nurse Re-Entry Program

Year Program started: 2002

Max. Participants/Year: 60

Application Deadline: one month prior

Program Timeframe: four days a week for three weeks (January, May, and September)

Academic Level Targeted: , Professional school

Racial/Ethnic Focus: Any racial/ethnic group

Type of Program: Career/academic planning, Counseling, Education, Mentoring,

Program Attributes: For credit, Books/supplies provided, Counseling provided

Program Acceptance Requirements: graduates from RN, ADN, or BSN program with nursing license

Primary Science Discipline(s) Targeted: nursing

Additional Comments: The program is designed to assist the registered nurse back into practice. Hours are made to fit mothers' schedules. It will provide a basic review of nursing. Incorporated in lectures will be a review of basic anatomy, physiology, terminology, pharmacology, and epidemiology. A "hands-on" skills laboratory with simulation and a clinical shadowing experience are also provided.