Biennial Biomedical Science Careers Student Conference

This conference is designed to address the need for student mentoring, guidance, support, and career development. The biennial conference provides the students and fellows with an opportunity to network with advisors and role models from the basic and clinical sciences, medicine, public health, academic administration, and the private sector. These advisors/role models encourage the students to complete advanced studies and give them concrete advice and information on available resources, professional opportunities, and career paths. This conference also enables the student participants to meet, inspire, and network with one another. More

New England Science Symposium and Abstract Feedback Session

A symposium for postdoctoral fellows; medical, dental, and graduate students; post-baccalaureates; and college and community college students to present their research projects through oral and poster presentations. More…

The Skills Workshops Program for College and High School Students

This program provides high school and college students with information and guidance in areas such as the application process for college and medical/graduate/professional schools, interviewing skills, financial planning, resume writing, and internship opportunities. More…

Career Development Series

These sessions provide networking opportunities, skills enhancement, and tools for career advancement for students, fellows, and junior faculty. Spring 2024 sessions aim to help students/fellows enhance their brand for academic and career growth, including workshops on resume and CV writing, as well as utilizing LinkedIn at each stage of their career. Sessions are followed by one-to-one feedback sessions with professionals.

Virtual Career Fair

BSCP Educational Relief Fund

A fund for BSCP students/fellows whose education has been impacted by unexpected roadblocks and hardship. More…

What’s Happening at BSCP

A monthly communication to the BSCP Community that showcases past and upcoming offerings, and highlights resources and job/internship opportunities. More…

Expanding Horizons

These seminars and conferences focus on emerging and expanding areas of employment related to the biomedical sciences. Topics include areas such as business and management, public health, and environmental sciences.

In Touch With BSCP

A monthly communication to the BSCP Community that showcases past and upcoming offerings, and highlights resources and job/internship opportunities. Newsletter Archive…

New England Resource Directory

An electronic database providing information about outreach efforts, internships, and science-related programs at New England educational institutions, medical centers, and biomedical/biotechnology organizations. Link to Directory…

BSCP Linkage Program

A program that connects BSCP students in need of advice and/or assistance with BSCP Hope Scholarship recipients.

HOPE Scholarships

Through annual corporate and foundation sponsorships, BSCP awards scholarships of $7,500 to BSCP high school, community college, college, medical, and graduate students who are active in BSCP programs.

BSCP Alumni Network

Our mission is to build a lively network of global leaders that brings together the power of our collective to uplift each other and enable our members to fully realize their professional dreams. Through mentorship and other collaborative initiatives, we strive to create a community that celebrates individuality, promotes lifelong learning, and amplifies the lasting impact of BSCP. More….