Medical Laboratory Technician

Bunker Hill Community College
Science, Engineering & Health Professions
250 New Rutherford Avenue
Boston, MA 02129

P: (617) 228-3320
F: (617) 228-2064

Director: Elizabeth Szymczak

Contact: Elizabeth Szymczak
P: (617) 228-2480
F: (617) 228-2064

Medical Laboratory Technician

Year Program started: 2008

Max. Participants/Year: 20

Application Deadline: May

Program Timeframe: September - May

Academic Level Targeted: College

Racial/Ethnic Focus: Any racial/ethnic group

Type of Program: Education,

Program Attributes: For credit

Program Acceptance Requirements: class year (high school diploma or GED), college placement tests, criminal offender record information (CORI)

Primary Science Discipline(s) Targeted: science (health), laboratory skills

Additional Comments: This is an Associate degree program. Medical insurance and medical clearance are required.