The BSCP Educational Relief Fund is relaunched for BSCP students/fellows whose education is impacted by unexpected roadblocks and hardship. Thank you to our partners CytivaFaber and Vertex


  1. Students/fellows must have attended one or more of the following initiatives since 2018:

– Biomedical Science Careers Student Conference/BSCP Virtual Connect
– New England Science Symposium
– Skills Workshops (Not including the Skills Workshops Webinar Series)

  1. Students/fellows must be residing and currently enrolled in secondary school, two- or four-year college/university, or graduate/ professional school in United States and/or Puerto Rico.

Required Documents

  1. Letter of request/statement of need by student, including grant amount requested.
            Important: The following must be included in the letter in order to be considered for an award.
     – State what the grant will be used to purchase and why this item/service is needed. Please note, you will need to be able to submit receipts and/or BSCP can pay university directly.
    Please note: The fund cannot be used for purchases made prior to submission of this request.
    – Dollar amount requested (please include the breakdown of items and their costs, if applicable)
    – Submission should be in letter format with contact information, salutation/greeting, body of letter and closing. Example
  1. Letter of support/recommendation letter from a strong personal reference with knowledge of students’ academic achievement, i.e., guidance counselor, teacher, professor, mentor.
  2. Proof of enrollment in an educational program. (unofficial transcript is acceptable)

Examples of Items/Requests

*Technology (desktop, laptop, tablet, software, cords, auxiliary equipment)        *Books

*Travel costs such as flights to a school interview                                                         *Wifi costs
*Commuting costs including bus/subway pass                                                              *Lab materials
*Exam/Question bank fees                                                                                             *Registration fees

*** Please note tuition requests will only be considered if the award will make a substantial difference at the total amount due or it is an emergency situation.

*** Applicants who received Covid-19 Educational Relief Fund will be reviewed as a repeat application and are not eligible for funding under the BSCP Educational Relief Fund.

***In order to receive funds, a receipt, bill or invoice is required.

Click here for Application Form

Applications are accepted in rolling basis and will be reviewed monthly. Please email Hollie DeSilva if this fund application is for an urgent need.

The amount of BSCP Educational Relief Fund is limited to a maximum of $1,000 per student/fellow and any payment is determined at the sole discretion of the Biomedical Science Careers Program (BSCP).

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