Applications & Admissions

College Application Flowchart
College Preparation Checklist
Comparing Colleges and Costs
College Admission Requirements Key Terms
College Application Checklist for Juniors
College Application Checklist for Seniors
Fair Opportunity Guide to College Admission and Financial Aid

Other Resources

NACAC Definitions of Admission Options in Higher Education
NACAC Guide for Families in the College Admission Process
NIH Flyer
High School Timeline
How to Build a College List
Information for Parents About the College Application Process
Internet Resources
NACAC College Admission Process Breakdown

New England Students

MEFA Senior-Year-Timeline
MEFA Understanding Financial Aid
MEFA Wise Borrower
MEFA’s College Admissions Toolkit
MEFA’s Guide to College Admissions
uAspire Student Support Days for 2021
Mass Department of Higher Education OSFA Quick Guide for Students
MEFA College Application Manager
MEFA Guide to College Admissions

Financial Aid

Federal Student Aid – Find the Information You Need
Federal Student Grant Programs
Federal Student Loan Programs
Federal Student Loans Basics for Students
Federal Student Loans Direct PLUS Loan Basics for Parents
Federal Student Loans Repaying Your Loans
Financial Aid 101
Financial Aid and Undocumented Students
Focus on Finances
Money Management Checklist for College Students
Saving Early Saving Smart
Scholarships Fellowships and Financial Aid for Undergraduates
What to Expect After Submitting Your FAFSA
Why Form 1098 is Important to You
A College Financial Aid Guide for Families Who Have Saved Nothing – NYTimes
Additional Resources Shared at the Webinar
CSS Profile Student Guide 2022 – 2023
Direct Loan Basics for Students
FAFSA Application – 2022 – 2023
FAFSA Form Review Presentation – 2022 – 2023
FAFSA on the Web Worksheet 2022 – 2023
FAFSA Process Graphic
FAFSA Sample Student Aid Report
FAFSA Summary of Changes for the Application Processing System 2020-2021
FAFSA Who is my Parent