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Contact: Gloria Anglón
P: (617) 253-4846
F: (617) 253-5620

MIT Summer Research Program (MSRP)

Year Program Started: 1986

Max. Participants/Year: 40-50

Application Deadline: February

Program Timeframe: summer (nine weeks)

Academic Level Targeted: college

Racial/Ethnic Focus: any racial/ethnic group, African American, Native American, Mexican American, Puerto Rican

Type of Program: research, internship/fellowship

Program Attributes: housing provided, transportation provided, stipend provided, mentors/advisors provided

Program Acceptance Requirements: class year (college sophomore or junior), GPA/academic standing (3.5)

Primary Science Discipline(s) Targeted: biochemistry, biology, bio (cellular), bio (molecular), biophysics, biotechnology, chemistry, epidemiology, pre-engineering, engineering, engineering (biomed), genetics, physics, science (biomed), science (computer, mathematical), science (environmental health), science (social, behavioral), science (health), statistics/biometrics/biostatistics