The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship
330 Brookline Avenue (BR)
Boston, MA 02215

P: (617) 667-1526
F: (617) 667-7989

Director: Lisa Peterson

Contact: Lisa Peterson
P: (617) 667-1526
F: (617) 667-7989

The Boston Schweitzer Fellows Program

Year Program Started: 1991

Max. Participants/Year: 15

Application Deadline: February 5

Program Timeframe: April to May (one year)

Academic Level Targeted: professional school, medical school, graduate school

Racial/Ethnic Focus: any racial/ethnic group

Type of Program: internship/fellowship, community service fellowships

Program Attributes: stipend provided, mentors/advisors provided

Program Acceptance Requirements: matriculation at this school (Greater Boston/Worcester), area of residence (Greater Boston/Worcester)

Primary Science Discipline(s) Targeted: dentistry, education (health, science), medicine, nursing, nutrition, pharmacology, psychology, public health, science (environmental health), veterinary science, optometry, and podiatry

Additional Comments: The Boston Schweitzer Fellows Program is a one-year interdisciplinary, mentored fellowship program focused on health-related community service and leadership development. The program supports graduate students committed to becoming "leaders in service" - individuals who are dedicated and skilled in addressing the health needs of underserved populations, and whose example influences and inspires others. Each fellow designs and implements a 200-hour community service project addressing local unmet health needs. In the process, fellows develop as lifelong leaders in service through a year-long program of leadership development training, peer reflection, and mentoring.