Tufts University School of Medicine
Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences
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Boston, MA 02111

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Director: Henry H. Wortis

Contact: Diana Pierce
P: (617) 636-6836
F: (617) 636-2990

Post-Baccalaureate Research Education Program

Year Program Started: 2002

Max. Participants/Year: 5

Application Deadline: April 31

Program Timeframe: August-July

Academic Level Targeted: college

Racial/Ethnic Focus: see comments

Type of Program: education, research, internship/fellowship, mentoring, career/academic planning

Program Attributes: non-credit, stipend provided, counseling provided, mentors/advisors provided

Program Acceptance Requirements: class year (college graduate), research experience, academic standing

Primary Science Discipline(s) Targeted: biochemistry, bio (cellular), bio (molecular), chemistry, epidemiology, genetics, nutrition, pathology, pharmacology, public health, science (biomed), informatics, neuroscience, and microbiology

Additional Comments: The program is designed for recent college graduates interested in a career in biomedical research who want additional research experience and preparation. It is not suitable for those interested in a clinical profession. This program is for members of any group currently considered by the National Institutes of Health to be underrepresented in the biomedical sciences.
Successful trainees are expected to move on to PhD or MD/PhD training programs. Preparation for MD programs is not supported