Gateway Community College
20 Church Street
New Haven, CT 06510

P: (203) 285-2375

Director: Cyprian Ukah

Contact: Cyprian Ukah
P: (203) 285-2375

Mechanical Engineering Technology

Year Program Started: 1979

Max. Participants/Year: 100

Application Deadline: start of each class

Program Timeframe: year-round

Academic Level Targeted: college

Racial/Ethnic Focus: any racial/ethnic group

Type of Program: education, career/academic planning, retraining

Program Attributes: for credit

Program Acceptance Requirements: matriculation at this school, high school graduate

Primary Science Discipline(s) Targeted: mechanical engineering technology

Additional Comments: Students in this program learn how to extract and analyze engineering data. Microcomputers are used to aid in both classroom and lab activities. This program is designed to train students for entry-level positions in industry.