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Director: Beverly Colston

Contact: Beverly Colston
P: (802) 656-8671

The Mosaic Center for Students of Color

Year Program Started: 1976

Max. Participants/Year: 14

Application Deadline: mid May

Program Timeframe: summer (five-six weeks)

Academic Level Targeted: college

Racial/Ethnic Focus: African American, Asian American/Pacific Islander, Native American, Mexican American, Puerto Rican, Other Hispanic, first-generation in-state college students

Type of Program: education

Program Attributes: for credit, meals provided, housing provided, books/supplies provided, counseling provided, mentors/advisors provided, part-time employment

Program Acceptance Requirements: matriculation at this school

Primary Science Discipline(s) Targeted: N/A

Additional Comments: This five- to six-week program sponsored by the The Mosaic Center for Students of Color is designed to provide incoming students of color and in-state first-generation college students with an intensive introduction to college courses and to university life.