University of Massachusetts Medical School
55 Lake Avenue North
Worcester, MA 01655

P: (508) 856-1143

Director: Christine Merman Woolf

Contact: Christine Merman Woolf
P: (508) 856-1143

Academic Enrichment Programs

Year Program Started: 1990

Program Timeframe: year-round

Academic Level Targeted: medical school

Racial/Ethnic Focus: any racial/ethnic group

Type of Program: academic enrichment

Program Attributes: non-credit

Program Acceptance Requirements: matriculation at this school, this program is available to all students enrolled at the University of Massachusetts Medical School

Primary Science Discipline(s) Targeted: study, time management, organization, academic skills relevant to the medical school curriculum

Additional Comments: This program helps students develop the skills necessary to meet the demands of the University of Massachusetts Medical School curriculum.

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