Cognitive Neuroscience Group (CNG), MGH Institute of Health Professions
36 1st Avenue
Boston, MA 02129

P: (617) 643-3245

Director: Lauryn Zipse

Contact: Lauryn Zipse
P: (617) 643-3245

CNG Undergraduate Summer Research Initiative

Year Program Started: 2016

Max. Participants/Year: Currently 3

Application Deadline: 04/07/2017

Program Timeframe: Starts 05/22/2017 and runs through 07/14/2017

Academic Level Targeted: college

Racial/Ethnic Focus: any racial/ethnic group

Type of Program: research, mentoring

Program Attributes: salary provided, mentors/advisors provided

Program Acceptance Requirements: class year (rising freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior)

Primary Science Discipline(s) Targeted: psychology, cognitive science

Additional Comments: Undergraduate summer research assistants will work with faculty in the Cognitive Neuroscience Group (CNG) to prepare stimuli; collect data using behavioral, electrophysiological (EEG), and eye tracking methods; and enter and analyze data. Training and mentorship will be provided. Positions are 15 hrs/week for 8 weeks, $12.30/hr.

Please apply online at: